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The correct auto part, hassle free at an attractive price with a warranty even if it is a second hand car part

Moss Auto Spares offers a huge variety of new auto parts and is also well known as a used parts store of all vehicle brands.


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Moss Auto Spares auto parts tracking, Mossel Bay, Western Cape

As car breakers and auto part vendors we understand that the automobile needs of clients are urgent and specialized. We meet those needs with quick and efficient database driven auto parts location, free of charge. Having our salvage yard under our fingertips, means that we are able to scout the new and used parts at Moss Auto Spares in a minute. If the car part you are looking for is not in store or at our affiliated branch in George, we will track the auto part countrywide through a network connected to hundreds of junk yards across the country.

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Moss Auto Parts and car breakers, Mossel Bay, Western Cape
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Moss Auto Parts and car breakers, Mossel Bay, Western Cape


In-store, locally or countrywide, our INSTANT NETWORK SOURCES are ready to find the car part you are looking for!

LIST: mechanical spares

Mechanical auto parts and car breakers at Moss Auto Spares, Mossel Bay, Western Cape

Some in-store mechanical car parts:

Aircon, Brake systems, Carburators, Clutches, Control arms, Coil springs, Diffs, Diesel pumps, Drive shafts, Engines, Exhausts, Fuel pumps, Fan assembly, Gearboxes, Gear levers, Hand brake, Injectors, Jacks, Manifolds, Oil pumps, Pistons, Pressure plates, Power steering pumps, Propshafts, Pumps, Radiators, Radiator hoses, Ring gears, Release bearings, Stub axle, Side shafts,  Steering mechanisms, Suspension, Shocks, Thermostats, Universal joints, Water pumps.

LIST: electronic spares

Electronic auto parts and car breakers at Moss Auto Spares, Mossel Bay, Western Cape

Some in-store electronic car parts:

Alternator, Airflow meter, Aerial, Airbag, Batteries, Computer box, Central locking, Corner lamps, Coils, Fuse boxes, Headlamps, Hooters, Ignitions, Instrument panel, Indicators, Knock sensors, Light switches, Relays, Radios, Starters, Speedometer cable, Tail lights, Wiper motor, Wiring harness,

LIST: body parts

Body auto parts and car breakers at Moss Auto Spares, Mossel Bay, Western Cape

Some in-store body parts:

Ashtrays, Airbags, Bumpers, Bonnets, Boot locks, Body x member, Boot lid, Carpets, Console, Chassis, Door handles, Dash board, Doors, Door mirrors, Fenders, Front ends, Grill, Hood lining, Handles, Mirrors, Mouldings, Mags, Parcel tray, Rims, Seats, Sun visors, Sub-frame, Steering wheel, Side panels,Tow bar, Tyres, Windscreen, Wheel nuts, Wheel spanners, Wiper arms,


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  8. LUK
  9. Plexus Cooling Products
  10. Simyi
  11. SOLID - constant velocity joint
  12. Topran - hans Pries Germanu
  13. TYC
  14. Tyndall - shock absorbers
  15. VASD
  16. Willard Batteries

With extensive experience in mechanics and the breaker yard trade, an affiliated branch in George as well as an excellent network of auto part manufacturers and salvage yards across the country, Moss Auto Spares offers reliable auto parts with confidence. Our confidence is reflected in the warranty which is standard on new and used car parts.

Moss Auto Spares is a family business with an affiliated branch in George as well as relatives in related trades. With this family foundation of car breaking and vehicle selling as well as being well connected in the auto part trade we are able to offer our clients competitive prices.

Moss Auto Spares buy accident cars and assist in selling rebuilt cars, Mossel Bay, Western Cape

Car Breakers with a personal touch

As a vehicle dismantler we buy accident cars, rusted vehicles and mechanical defective vehicles. These are usually vehicles that are not economical to repair yet are valuable for its auto parts. Furthermore, because we understand the challenges clients face when wanting to sell their rebuilts and because it complements our function as a car part seller, we gladly assist clients to sell their rebuilt cars.

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